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Levitra (vardenafil) is a highly-efficient oral prescription medication meant for the treatment of impotence. Speak with your doctor prior to buying Levitra and inform your man concerning any particular medical problems you have, as well as regarding any kind of medicines and allergies you are presently taking. The problems that have to be discussed consist of a record of embolism or movement, cardiovascular disease, angina, cardiac arrest, high or low blood tension, renal system or liver condition, bleeding disorder, red blood cell disorder, heart tempo troubles, stomach abscess, any kind of acquired eye problems.

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Levitra could impact the blood flow to the optic nerve, which in many cases leads to abrupt vision reduction. This disorder has been reported by some individuals taking Levitra, yet in many cases they additionally had various other health care troubles - these clients were older than FIFTY years, had heart illness, high cholesterol and blood tension, diabetes or pre-existing eye troubles. It is not exactly understood whether this medicine is straight associateded with abrupt eyesight loss. If you have actually taken as well considerably of this drug and have signs, such as muscle pain, irregular vision, or pain in the back, seek clinical aid to protect against further problems.

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